About ODT Business Portal

Organic digital transformation (ODT) portal is a customizable out-of-the-box business portal on top of Virto Commerce platform. Delivered as a part of Organic User Adoption Pack that includea the Virto Commerce digital platform, ODT portal and Organic User Adoption methodology.

  • Fits for organic user adoption scenarios
  • Designed for agile delivery of e-commerce services
  • Options to customize the layout without development


User adoption pack is purposed for the following companies:

 - run their first B2B e-commerce project

 - had unsuccessful B2B eCommerce implementation projects in the past, that ended with the existence of B2B portal that no one uses

This pack is not purposed for companies that are already have a successfully working e-commerce but looking for re-platforming. 

  1. Order history browsing 
  2. Invoice history browsing
  3. Payment history browsing
  4. Catalog Search
  5. Product details browsing
  6. Creating order drafts (incl. clone orders)
  7. Payment details management
  8. Shipment details management
  9. Checkout
  10. Creating portal accounts for the buyer companies
  11. User management (create new users, assign roles on the buyer side)
  12. Limited UI management without development (colors, static texts, tables)
  13. Integration with Dynamics ERP